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What Will We Do Today? Step into the shoes of Drake Lacasse as he starts a new life at Rosegate University. Make new friends, compete on the court, and search for answers in Slice of Life.

Coming Soon!

Our international team is hard at work to provide the best possible experience to players. While the global health crisis has been a challenge, we are excited to share more details on our release very soon. Thank you for your patience!


  • Experience a twisting narrative filled with interesting friends and foes.
  • Fast-paced arcade-style tennis action.
  • A deep perk-based customization system.
  • Character driven storylines and social links. 
  • Tons of unlockable Sub-Games to mix up gameplay.
  • A huge soundtrack to flavor your time at Rosegate.
  • Local cooperative play with a partner.

Drake Lacasse

Year: Senior

Skill Type: All-Around

Bio: A former local-legend, Drake was expelled from his former school after being caught with performance-enhancing drugs. A strong leader, and a great friend, I’m hoping that Drake is the secret ingredient for success on the court.


Jill Matthews

Year: Senior

Skill Type: Power

Bio: Jill is a force to be reckoned with on the court. Her bombastic enthusiasm and hidden strength make her a valuable asset to the team. Oh, and she’s a great help with the Virtual Reality Training Simulator! I… can’t figure that thing out…

Emily Sarsini

Year: Senior

Skill Type: Speed

Bio: While Emily’s shyness may appear to be a negative attribute, I believe it contributes to her speed in a big way! No one on the squad can match her speed on the court (or when she gets flustered…) 

Bryant Ibanez

Year: Senior

Skill Type: Technique

Bio: Elusive and reclusive, I find it hard to get a read on this guy. He’s got a great shot, and he seems to get along with everyone…except for Jake. What am I gonna do with those two?

Jake Weston

Year: Senior

Skill Type: Power

Bio: This kid is a jackass, but he has the skills to back it up. His shot is unmatched, and his drive is unwavering. If I could only get him to understand the benefits of teamwork… he could really go places.

Amanda Taylor

Year: Senior

Skill Type: Technique

Bio: Amanda lives in Amanda-land. She’s tardy, lazy, and really doesn’t seem to care about the squad. She’s damn lucky she can hold her own with the racket. Someone needs to put her back in line.

Big fun.

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